Welcome to our new Careers Blog!

Hi, this is the first of our re-launched Careers Blogs for International Students.

My name is Judy Everett and my role in the Careers Service is Careers Adviser (International Students and Employers). I will be writing this blog with the aim of telling you all about vital pieces of information and events that will help you with your career planning and job seeking.

These will be things like job vacancies, work experience opportunities, employers coming on campus, workshops etc – that are particularly relevant to international students.

As you know we put relevant vacancies in the University's INTERNATIONAL BULLETIN’ that goes out via email to all international students. We won’t stop doing that, but this blog will have more details and have a wider range of topics.

So please get into the habit of reading this blog and tell your friends about it.

The first piece of news is that in our Careers Centre we now have a new section that contains all the additional information resources specifically for international students. So why not call in and have a look at it and pick up some leaflets. While you are here, if you wanted to, you could talk to one of our Advisers - as well as pre-booked appointments, we now have a ‘drop-in’ system, where you can wait to see an Adviser – no advance booking needed!
Careers Service

Careers Service


Saurabh said...

Could you also put in updates related to the changing Post-Study Work Permit rules? This would really be most helpful.Thank you

Careers Service said...

Hi Saurabh
Thanks for your comment- it is great to know that the blog is being read!
At the Careers Service we can give INFORMATION concerning the rules and regulations about working in the UK and schemes such as the Post Study Work Scheme. So if there are updates I will try and mention them in the blog. However we are not the experts on these regulations and we aren't allowed to give individual ADVICE on these matters. The Student Union Advice Centre is the expert on the rules and regulations. See their website for more information and how you can get individual help if needed. http://www.shef.ac.uk/union/advice/international/

Samul Swan said...

This blog is very nice and informative. It is pretty hard task but your post and experience serve and teach me how to handle and make it more simple and manageable. Thanks for the tips…
Manchester University

Anjoli Wax said...

This is my second visit to this blog. We are starting a brand new initiative in the same niche as this blog. Your blog provided us with important information to work on. You have done a admirable job..

gene apolinares said...

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