‘Going Global’- New Careers Resource to help you find Work Internationally

I want to tell you about the Careers Service's fantastic new careers resource which is designed to help you find work internationally – (that includes the UK, your home country and other countries worldwide.)
It is the ‘Going Global' database, which has within it, more than 80,000 country-specific career and employment resources.
It includes:-
-33 Country Career Guides
-500,000 Worldwide Job and Internship Listings (including Non-Profit/NGO Opportunities)
-An Employer Directory with more than 400,000 employers listed
-48 USA/Canada City Guides
-H-1B Information for USA Employers (employers who have obtained visas to employ foreign workers in skilled positions)
+ lots more

So if you want to answer questions such as:-
-What are the top Companies in China?
-How do I write a CV to apply for a job in Singapore?
-Which South Korean Companies have vacancies at the moment?
-I am a Civil Engineering PhD student, who might be interested in employing me in the USA?
-How would I start looking for employment in Germany?
And many, many more, then ‘Going Global’ is for you.

Only a few Universities in the UK have access to this database and we are now one of them and it represents a significant addition to the range of products and services that we are able to offer to you.

To access the database you must initially register on a computer on the University of Sheffield Campus, but you can then create your own personal account which will allow you to log on from any computer anywhere in the world.

To register go to the Careers Service website now and click on the Going Global logo.

Careers Service

Careers Service

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