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We hear a lot about recession and financial cut backs at the moment. But it isn’t all bad news.
In some recent research conducted by the ‘Association of Graduate Recruiters’ and reported on in ‘The Independent ‘ it stated that almost 40% of UK Employers are planning to increase graduate recruitment this year. A snapshot survey of almost 100 Companies taken in April, found that nearly 60% say that they are still open for applications and 55% are more confident about the economy compared to 3 months ago.

Also ‘Graduate Prospects’ website state that they have had a 50% increase in advertising from recruiters in the first 4 months of 2010 compared to the same period last year.

Oddly enough, this at a time when surveys of students are showing that they are increasingly negative about their chances of getting a job.

So don’t be put off applying by thought of “there aren’t any jobs out there so there is no point in trying”.
No -one is denying that times are tough, but this report is hard evidence that there are opportunities out there. So keep applying! And come and see us at the Careers Service if you need help with your applications.

For the full article see Graduate news article

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