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There was an interesting set of articles in the ‘Times Higher Education’ this week about the importance of languages and how UK students are increasingly not studying them in schools and Universities. TimesHigherEducation 
This is an interesting debate, but it also served to remind me of the importance of international students effectively marketing all the skills they have to offer to employers.
One of the skills that you will definitely have is languages- all international students studying here will have at least 2 languages (your home language and English) and possibly others.
Employers are very interested in language skills and they may be particularly interested in recruiting people who can speak the language of countries they do, (or want to do), business with.
So make sure that you promote this ability in your CV, covering letter and application forms.
Also don’t forget the other skills that you have as an international student such as intercultural and global awareness, flexibility and adaptability (by studying abroad), knowledge of a particular country’s economy and markets? etc. (These are obviously in addition to all the skills you possess as an individual).

But if you feel that you want to continue to improve your English while you are here in Sheffield do not forget all that the English Language Teaching Centre has to offer, in terms of both classes and individual support ELTC

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Careers Service


matt said...

Learning different major languages is very important in order to be globally competitive. It will serve as your key to land a perfect Job for you.

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gene apolinares said...

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