Careers Fairs -Today & Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow are our big Careers Fairs. Today (Tuesday 2nd) it is the Business and Finance Fair and tomorrow it is the Engineering, Science and IT Fair.
They are a fantastic opportunity to meet employers and find out about graduate and internship vacancies.
Careers Fairs in the UK might operate differently from Careers Fairs back home so here are a few tips.
Employers won’t be looking to recruit you here and now- they won’t be conducting interviews. They will expect you to apply (usually on-line) later for their vacancies. So what is the purpose of the Fairs?
-It is for you to meet employers- to network – to ask good questions. You can then answer those questions on the application form and at interview about why you want to work for their company so much better. You can write/say things such as “When I talked to your Mr. XXX I was really impressed by what he had to say about your Company values.....” etc.
-You can find out about their views on recruiting international students – visas etc.
-You can see if they offer any specific schemes with their Company for graduates wanting to return to work in their home country
-And lots more.
My advice is do a bit of preparation before you go to the Fair. Have a look at the ‘Making the Most of the Fair’ section on the website, you can even watch a film clip about how to prepare. You can link to it for each Fair from our home page Careers
There are profiles for each employer, including some information on their policies regarding international student recruitment re each visa.
So make the most of the next 2 days!

Careers Service

Careers Service

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