Want to get some Work Experience?

If you are looking for a part-time job but not having much success, one of the reasons may be because you don’t have any previous work experience.
The Careers Service is trying to help with this problem and has developed a new initiative called TASTE OF WORK.
It offers you a chance to undertake a short placement (around 3 hours) in a real live work place – you will learn some new skills and have the chance to observe how the regular staff carry out their duties.
This new initiative is being launched by the Careers Service in semester 2 and will run from February until the Easter vacation.
A number of employers have already agreed to provide a TASTE of WORK, so now we are looking for keen, enthusiastic students to come on board – you will gain new skills, meet new people, and also gain a TASTE of WORK certificate to record your experience.
It is open to all students but international students may find it very suitable for their needs.
So if you want to know more, don’t delay – check out the details and apply online at:
Taste of work


Careers Service

Careers Service

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