Government Announcement about Changes to Student Immigration

Well, we have been waiting and now the government have made the announcement about the changes they intend to make to student immigration rules.
Hopefully you have all received an email about this and the full details are on the Student Union Advice centre web pages
Union Advice Centre
It seems to be a mixture of good news and bad news.
One bit of good news is that there aren’t going to be any changes to the regulations covering the amount you can work whilst you are studying. Everything stays as it is now regarding that one.

Another piece of good news is that the Post Study Work Visa will be available to all those current students who will be awarded their degree before April 2012. (The bad news is that it won’t be available for those being awarded their degree after that date.)

They have also made some changes to the regulations regarding Tier 2 visa – the full details of these are on the Union Advice Centre website above. But this is, and will be, a route that is available for international students to use to apply to graduate schemes in the UK.


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Anita J Mullinax said...

I just want to say these changes can effect those who are involving in any kind of fraud regarding to the immigration. So best of luck to all.

gene apolinares said...

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