Student Employee of the Year Awards

If you are currently working part-time (or had a part-time job which started since last summer) and you think your employer is/was happy with your work, then why not enter the Student Employee of the Year Awards.
“These awards recognise and reward the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who effectively combine part-time work with their study commitments”
So if you have been working part-time and you think your employer has been happy with your work, make sure they know all about this competition, and maybe you could win a local or regional award, or even make it to the national finals. If you were nominated, or even better won, then just think how good it would look on your CV! Also if you won you’d get a cash prize and a certificate.
You can enter any of the appropriate categories but there is a special category for International Student Employee of the Year. You can also nominate your employer for an award.
To find out more and to see where you can refer your employer so that they can nominate you, go to-
or you can pick up a promotional postcard from the Student Jobshop.
But you’ll need at act quickly as the deadline for nominations is Friday 25th March.

Careers Service

Careers Service

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