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A lot of students say that they would like to hear about success stories of international students – people who have gone on to get a good graduate job – and to hear about what they have done and what advice they would give to current students.
Well, we have recently added an example to the international students’ pages of our website.
Debasmita is from India and came to study for a MSc in Management, graduating last year. She had a variety of part-time jobs whilst at Sheffield and went on to get a graduate job in London with a major multi-national financial services company.

I interviewed Debasmita on film and we have edited it into a series of mini-clips on the following topics:-
• Debasmita’s qualifications and background, why she came to Sheffield, and her views on the University of Sheffield
• Her career ambitions
• Work experience - Getting a part-time job in Sheffield, using the Jobshop, and The Skills for Work Certificate
• Careers Service – what parts of it she used, how it helped her, and what she thinks of the Service
• Applying for graduate jobs and the outcome of the applications
• Her view on why she was successful in getting a graduate job
• What international students have to offer graduate employers
• How international students can maximise their chances of getting a graduate job
• What advice she would give new international students

So have a look and see if there are any tips you can pick up from Debasmita.
Film clips

(By the way, I have been in touch with her several times since she left Sheffield and she is really enjoying her job.)


Careers Service

Careers Service


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