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I would like to ask for your help please.
On the Careers Service website we have recently established a database of Graduate Case Studies,
One of the reasons we have done this is because it really helps students to hear about people from their department who have been successful in their job search and who are now building their graduate careers.
We would like to keep expanding this and I definitely want us to include lots of case studies from international students who have got jobs either in the UK, the EU, their home country or globally.
1. So if you have been successful in gaining employment this year, please could you input your case study? (However you may want to wait a couple of months so that you are more familiar with your job and have more to talk about in the case study - but please don’t forget about it, it really will help us and current students!)
2. If you haven’t yet been successful in your job hunting, please make a note of the link for when you do gain employment
3. If you don’t complete your course until 2012 or later – then have a look at the case studies – they may inspire you and give you ideas of types of jobs, sectors and companies in which you’d like to work

You can access the graduate case studies (both to view and to input data) via our home page or at -

Thanks very much
Careers Service

Careers Service

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