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Have you had a look at our database of graduate case studies yet? It is really interesting and useful. At the moment there are just over 600 case studies of University of Sheffield graduates on the database and just under a quarter are from international students. There are more being added all the time. The case studies are written by the individual graduate and cover areas such as what they are doing now, what they like about it, how they got there, their future plans, and advice they would give to current students.
You can search by factors such as employment, further study, department, type of job, and year of graduation. At present you can’t search for just international students, but this is a feature we are planning to develop. However if you search by department and then go into the case studies you can see the nationality of the writer.
The case studies are very useful in terms of seeing the range of careers people go into from a degree and what route they took to get to their current job and where they see themselves in the future. It is always inspiring to hear people’s stories and you can learn a lot from other’s experiences
The graduate case studies are accessible from our home page
And don’t forget- when you leave and are building your career, remember to post up your case study!

Careers Service

Careers Service

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