Evaluation of services for International Students

As Judy mentioned in one of her earlier blogs, I have recently started working as an intern at the Careers Service to evaluate the services provided for international students.  My name is Buya Jallow, a second year international student from The Gambia and I am very pleased to be working on this project.
 I have been working with Judy and we have just finished designing a questionnaire, which is a chance for you to give your views on what services you found very useful, which ones you weren’t so keen about and what changes or improvements you’d like to see.  Just complete this short online survey at http://svy.mk/Jw5J95.
We’d be really grateful if you would – it will only take a few minutes.  I’m sure you’re all very busy with exams and deadlines fast approaching, but there’s a chance to win Meadowhall vouchers. I know I’d be tempted.

And for those of you who aren’t very aware of what is on offer, or maybe you don’t know where to begin? Well you’re reading this blog so that’s a good start. Why not drop into the Careers Service next. Whether you’re a first or final year or a post grad student, there is a lot on offer. From ‘Taste of Work’ for those with little or no experience to Assessment Centers workshops for those of you applying for a graduate job, there’s something for everyone.

We really appreciate you helping us this way and you will be playing a part in improving the services for current and future international students. So don’t miss out on the chance to have you views heard.
(If you are interested in giving your views in more detail we will be running some focus groups as part of this project and we’ll be looking for some volunteers for this, so look out for these too.)


Careers Service

Careers Service


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