Welcome Part 2

I have already said welcome to international students who were here for Orientation Week. It was good to see some of you at our session in the Student Union Auditorium and get chance to talk to you at the following ‘Open Day’ at the Careers Service. Congratulations to Hoang Anh Nguyen a postgraduate Marketing student who won the prize draw.
I would now like to say welcome to all the rest of the international students who have arrived this week.
We often say that career planning and job seeking begins on Day 1 of your time at University, and that is even more important for those who you are only here for a year on a postgraduate course. So come and see us – the Careers Service is at 388 Glossop Road and our Jobshop is at 285 Glossop Road.
You can pick up a copy of some of our very useful leaflets, booklets and directories such as:-
•‘International students: How we can help you find Work Experience
•‘Maximise’ leaflet – gives details of the talks and workshops we are running this semester specifically for international students
•International Students- 5 key things to do (to help achieve your career goals)
You can also meet our staff and find out about all the services we offer to students.
Have a look on our website Careers if you aren’t sure where we are –there are instructions on how to find us - (and you’ll also see all the useful information that there is on there too!)

Careers Service

Careers Service


sabkon wells said...

hi. it was really nice to read such a warm welcoming blog. Do keep posting more updates.

International Student in US

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