Presentation for Chinese students on working in China

In this blog a couple of weeks ago I talked about my visit to China. The trip was a British Council UK Careers Advisers’ Mission to China which involved 2 days in Beijing and 2 days in Shanghai. It was extremely useful and interesting.
We met a range of employers (from State-owned enterprises, foreign- invested companies and privately-owned companies), and staff from employment agencies and experts on the employment market.
I now want to share with you some of the key messages I learned that I hope will be of help to you.
So I will be giving a presentation for Chinese students who are looking to return to China to work.
It will take place on Wednesday 5th June 2.00pm-3.30pm.

I will talk about:-
·         The companies visited
·         What the different types of organisation have to offer you
·         What employers look for in returning graduates
·         How to effectively look for employment and plan your career
·         Recruitment methods
·         What advice the graduates and employers  I met wanted to pass on to Chinese students studying overseas
·         How to market what you have gained by studying overseas

Obviously there is a limit to how much a visitor could understand a country, particularly a country the size of China, in less than a week! But I felt that I learned a great deal about the current employment situation in China. And I will be interested to see if my messages fit in with what you think. We can talk about this at this session.

I hope that it will be really interesting - don't miss it!
You will find details of the venue on our ‘What’s On Diary’ where you will need to book a place. 

Careers Service

Careers Service


Tai Li said...

Is there anyone knowing where it is going to take place

Careers Service said...

Hi Tai Li
It is in Hicks lecture theatre C.
If you click on the link at the bottom of the blog posting it will take you to our What's On diary and it will give you full details of the event including the venue. You can also book a place.
Best wishes

gene apolinares said...

Thank you for this useful post!

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