Employers wanting Language Skills

There are quite a few vacancies on ‘myVacancies’ at the moment for part-time jobs where your language skills are in demand. 

One healthcare company in Sheffield is looking for speakers of Mandarin or Japanese or European languages to do research and compile databases. Applicants must have strong research and intellectual skills, a good command of English and be fluent in the specific language. Marketing/Business or Information Studies post graduates preferred. Hours are up to 16 per week and can be flexible to fit round studies. (Vacancy Numbers -SHE131129/680, SHE131129/728, SHE131129/706)

A travel company is looking to recruit up to 3 part-time event and travel co-ordinators to help set up and develop the business which provides luxury golf travel trips for international visitors. Ideally candidates will be fluent in Mandarin or Japanese and have good I.T. and Communication skills. Hours are up to 16 per week and can be flexible within Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. (Vacancy Number SHE131202/528)

There are also a lot of interpreting vacancies requiring a variety of languages.

For details see  myVacancies

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Careers Service

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