Intercultural and Global Awareness Skills

It is the Students Union’s World Week and there are lots of fantastic things going on.
One aspect of World Week is that it encourages us to reflect on our Intercultural and Global Awareness Skills (I&GA Skills).   At the Careers Service we have recently set up a web page on this topic under our ‘Develop your Skills’ section.

One of the features of the webpage is a series of video clips of an interview with Sneha Manohar a Corporate Analyst with a major bank. Sneha ran a ‘Skills for Success’ session for us on the topic of ‘Skills for the Global Marketplace’.  She was so impressive that we decided to capture her thoughts and ideas on film. She is a total example of a citizen of the world. She was born in India, did her early  years schooling in the Middle East, her later schooling in Canada, her degree in America,  spent time studying in France, and has worked in America, France, and the UK. She has just moved and is now working for the Bank in Hong Kong.  And she is only in her mid-20’s! 

In the interview she talks in response to the following questions:-

-What have you learned from living in different countries/cultures about I&GA Skills?
-How do business practices differ between different countries? How do individuals and companies adapt to this?
-What is it like working in teams across different countries?
-Do you think it is important for students to develop their I&GA Skills whist they are at University?
-Do employers look for I&GA Skills in applications and how should applicants demonstrate these skills in an interview?

She has got really interesting things to say on all of these areas.

As international students here you automatically have experience of living in at least two different countries and experiencing two different cultures. But in addition there are so many opportunities to get involved in international activities and meet people from the other 130+ countries at this University.
World Week provides a wonderful focus but these activities are going on all year. So our advice is get involved in international opportunities and take time to reflect on your I&GA Skills, because employers definitely want them!

Check out our new webpage and the interview with Sneha at -

Also our leaflet 'Develop Your Global Awareness'

Careers Service

Careers Service

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