Careers Service Newsletters for International Student Societies

At the Careers Service we have just produced 4 regional newsletters covering:-

-East Asia
-South East Asia
-South Asia
-Latin America

The aim of the newsletters is to tell you about all the resources we have to help you if you are looking to return home or work/study regionally.
They will target you to the right websites that will help you in your job search for different countries in that region.
The newsletters have been sent via email to the Presidents and Secretaries of the International Societies,
as listed below, asking them to forward them on to their members.
So please look out for them in your inbox!
We hope you find them of use, because even if your main aim is to work in the UK it is useful to have a back—up plan.
If you have any comments about these newsletters we would be very happy to hear them.


Latin America
-Latin American
East Asia
-Chinese Students & Scholars
-Sheffield Chinese Cultural Exchange
-Hong Kong
South East Asia
-Sheffield Malaysian Students Association
-Malaysian and Singaporean
-Sheffield Malaysian Students
South Asia
-Sri Lankan

Careers Service

Careers Service

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