Careers Talk for International Students

On Tuesday, (21st October), I will be delivering a talk called ‘International Students – How to maximise your chances of getting a graduate job’.
It is at 1.00-2.00pm and is in Hicks Lecture Theatre A.

It is a very useful introductory topic on everything to do with getting a graduate job after the end of your course.
It is a chance to learn about how graduate employers recruit, what skills/experiences/qualities they look for in applicants, when to apply etc. (It will focus mainly on UK employers, but will also cover other countries.) This talk will also give advice on how to use your time at University to maximise your employability chances and how the Careers Service can help.

This is one of the sessions that form part of the whole Maximise programme – a series of careers talks for International Students. So you will also find out about the other talks in the Maximise series.

Don’t miss it!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a repeat of the session that ran on the 13th October

Careers Service

Careers Service

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