Success Story

Success Story
Have a look at our latest video on the careers website – 

Umang, a final year M.Eng Systems and Control Engineering student from India talks about his graduate job offer (via Tier 2).

He applied for 20 Graduate Engineering Programmes with UK companies and was offered 4 jobs so he knows what he is talking about!

We asked Umang why he thought he had been successful and he told us about his academic studies, extra-curricular activities, positions of responsibility, part-time jobs, and summer placements. 

He also explained his job hunting strategy, the selection processes he faced, and how he made best use of the Careers Service.

In addition he has advice for international students on what to do to achieve career success.

Our congratulations to Umang and we hope you find this video interview of help in your career planning.

Careers Service

Careers Service


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