What to wear to an Interview?

Got an interview coming up and not sure what to wear?
Then you’ll find the ‘First Impressions’ DVD really useful. It is made by the University of Bedfordshire and they have made it available to all University students – you can watch it on-line via the link below.
It features several students in a ‘before and after’ style. In other words, what they were intending to wear to an interview and what they wore after they’d received expert advice from an ‘image consultant’. Don’t let that term put you off - she comes across as very friendly and gives sensible advice. She also talks about things like body language, use of the voice, handshakes etc.
As the DVD says – first impressions really do matter and you can make a big difference in the way you come across to employers.

Check it out – see what you think.


Careers Service

Careers Service


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