Don’t Leave your Career Hanging

We are moving into the last part of the academic year and we know that many of you won’t have everything sorted out regarding your career plans. So we are putting on a series of talks and one hour workshops to help you with this.
They are under the heading of ‘Don’t Leave your Career Hanging’ and are on the following topics:-

-Help- Where do I go from here?
-Where to look for Jobs
-Attacking Application Forms
-Cracking CVs
-Coping with Covering Letters
-Grappling with Group Exercises at Assessment Centres
-Impressing at Interviews

Each one will be run twice during the period 27th of April to the 16th June

They aren’t specifically for International Students, but you’ll find them very relevant to your needs.

There are still some places left, so have a look at the 'What's On' Diary for further details.

Please make sure you don’t miss out – they are the last group sessions we will be running this semester!


Careers Service

Careers Service

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