Beware Fake Job Offers

An international graduate recently contacted us a about a job offer that she had received. She was concerned about whether it was a ‘proper’ job. When we looked into the situation, it turned out to be a fake Company who were offering students and graduates jobs in order to get access to their bank account details.
What these fake Companies do is email students, (who have put their CVs on job seeking sites), to offer them employment. The job details are usually vague, but can mention words such as - working on-line, I.T. out-sourcing, Payment Processing etc. The payment rates are usually EXCELLENT for only a few hours work.
Does It sound “too good to be true?”- Well it is!
What they are aiming to do is to eventually ask students for details of their bank account numbers in order to pay them, but also ‘to process customers’ payments’*. They will then launder illegal money through these accounts. This can obviously lead to the student being investigated by the police.
The UK Border Agency has a warning on its website about bogus Companies who are targeting foreign nationals seeking work.
So protect yourself:-
If a company, who you have not applied to, contacts you offering you work look into it further.
Check out their web and email addresses. Are they proper addresses rather than a gmail/hotmail-type address? Google them and find out what you can. If you have any doubts get advice from us, the Student Advice Centre at the Student Union, etc. Have a look at websites such as the ones below which have discussion threads about such fake job offers-

Never give your bank account details to anyone until you are sure that they are legitimate.
*(Also remember proper Companies have their own bank accounts for ‘processing customers’ payments’!)

Obviously you don’t need to be suspicious of all job offers, but the main rule is - if it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

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willg said...

Thanks for the post, I've been looking into Secure Payment Processing systems for my new business and I wouldn't want to get scammed by someone.

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