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Sorry this blog hs been quiet for a while - I have been off with a broken bone in my foot- a good start to my new year!! But I am back, and to use the phrase - 'everything is up and running' now - well not quite running yet! : >)

So what is happening? Well if you are in China at the moment then there are some useful workshops coming up over the next couple of weeks. They are organised by the British Council China who provide a lot of services to Chinese students who want to study in the UK at various stages of their journey. With Alumni UK, they have a network of around 20,000 members, and run a variety of events to support returning graduates. Details of the sessions are below.
(If you are not in China then keep checking out their websites regularly for future events.)

UK Alumni Career Development Workshop and a Mini Recruitment Fair in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan and Shenzhen in Jan 2011.

The aims of the workshop and mini recruitment fair are:
• to help UK alumni better understand the increasingly competitive job market in China
• to fully release UK alumni's potential and capitalise on the buoyant Chinese economy
• to help UK alumni re-orientate to China's job environment upon graduation
• to provide a platform for employers to target and recruit a niche group of highly qualified professionals from UK

Event dates:
Beijing 16 Jan, 2011
Shanghai 16 Jan, 2011
Guangzhou 16 Jan, 2011
Chongqing 16 Jan, 2011
Wuhan 22 Jan, 2011
Shenzhen 23 Jan, 2011

Event components:
A. Workshop with the following topics:
• China's current talent market and challenges for UK alumni
• Recruitment from employers' perceptive
• Career planning for UK alumni: sustainable competitiveness in the job market
• Re-orientation: blue ocean industry, new job market and new approach

B. Mini recruitment fair
Dozens of renowned international or domestic companies with hundreds of job vacancies will be available for UK alumni.

C. Online talk show by HR professionals
HR professionals will be invited to share experience and give advice on career development for UK alumni via online talk.
RSVP required and students need to register for the event via the Alumni UK official website Alumni
All detailed event information, including dates, venues, recruiting companies and job posts can be obtained from the above website once you are registered as an Alumni UK Network member.

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