Careers Fairs - 1st and 2nd November

Next week is a big week at the Careers Service – we have our two largest Careers Fairs of the year.
They are the:-
It's Your Career
-Engineering, Science and I.T. Fair - Tuesday 1st November
-Business and Finance Fair –Wednesday 2nd November
Both are at 10.30am – 3.30pm in the Octagon Centre

There are over 60 Employer organisations at the Engineering, Science and I.T. Fair and over 50 at the Business and Finance Fair. So it is a fantastic opportunity to talk to employer representatives and ask your individual questions.
And don’t forget an engineering/science/IT company could offer a range of vacancies such as finance, human relations, sales, purchasing, logistics etc. So don’t think “I am not doing engineering so it isn’t worth me going on Tuesday”. It is! And the same point applies to a range of jobs being on offer at the Business and Finance Fair.
Careers Fairs in the UK may be slightly different to ones you are used to back home. The employers won’t interview you – they will expect you to apply later (usually via on on-line application form). But it is a chance for you to network, make an impression, and find out about the company. This will mean that when you do complete their application form it is likely to be of a much higher quality and can mention things that you found out in your conversation with them.

It is important to do some preparation before the Fair.
Things that I suggest you do in advance:-
-Have a look at the ‘How to Prepare’ section on the website and follow the advice there
-Register online – this will mean that you avoid the queues on the day
-Read Enterprise Rent-a-car’s tips on how to make yourself more employable

Then when you first get to the Fair, before you talk to the employers:-
-Pick up a copy of the Guide which will be available on the day. Read the introductory sections and in particular the ‘Tips for the Day’ and the section for International Students on Visa regulations for working in the UK
-Come to our Stand for International Students and pick up our flyer ‘International Students – Make the Most of the Fair’

So – it is a big couple of days for us, but hopefully it will be for you too - and you will find it a very useful and beneficial experience.
For information about the Fairs go to

Careers Service

Careers Service

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