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Deloitte Vacancies–‘Overseas China Campus Recruitment’
Deloitte, the global financial company is looking to recruit talented graduates educated in the UK who want to return to China or Hong Kong to start their career.
They say that they want to “recruit individuals with international experience and valuable local Chinese knowledge and language skills for Deloitte China/Hong Kong firms. This ‘Overseas China Campus Recruitment’ initiative provides high-calibre individuals with the opportunity to work for a global brand in a challenging and rewarding atmosphere”.
They primarily recruit individuals:-
“-with degrees in accounting, finance, taxation, economics, law, computer science, management, information systems, and other business-related areas
-that are motivated and who aspire to launch their careers with Deloitte China/Hong Kong
-with the proficiency to read, write, and speak Mandarin for China and with a good command of Cantonese for Hong Kong
-that are eligible to work in China or Hong Kong
-that demonstrate sensitivity to cultural diversity.”
For details and how to apply go to -  

Careers Service

Careers Service

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