On my recent visit to China I visited the Head offices of Zhaopin in Beijing. As you probably know they run one of the leading recruitment websites in China.
They said that on their website www.zhaopin.com , in addition to vacancies, there were also useful articles giving information and advice about job-seeking to graduates returning from overseas study.

They have recently contacted me to say that they also have a Weibo account, the name of which is ‘智联招聘_智引海外’ and the address is - http://e.weibo.com/zhiyinhaiwai?ref=http%3A%2F%2Fweibo.com%2F3149100242%2Fmyfollow
In their email they said “This is a channel/platform which is targeted on providing international students job tips, industry stats, job opportunities/events information to aid them finding a job. It would be awesome if you can introduce this to your Chinese students (or local/foreigners who know the Chinese language).” 
So please have look at their website and Weibo account and see if you find it of use.

Careers Service

Careers Service

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