Important careers session!

I know that many of you have not been in Sheffield very long, but as you are probably beginning to realise, many graduate employers recruit start their recruitment process very early.
 So if you are aiming to work in the UK after you have completed your studies, or work for a multi-national company, (or return home to work), then you need to start thinking about graduate jobs and what you need to have/do to get one.
You will need to understand the graduate employment market and what employers are looking for.
So come along to our Careers talk which will hopefully answer your questions. It is called
And takes place on Thursday 10th October – 1-2pm in Hicks Lecture Theatre C.

It will cover topics such as: -
• How graduate employment markets works, particularly the UK one, and when to make applications
• What UK and multi-national employers are looking for
• How to ensure that you have the sort of experiences and skills they want and how to explain them on your application form
• How the Careers Service can help you
If you can’t make it on the 10th it will be repeated on Tuesday 22nd October- 1-2pm in Hicks Lecture Theatre 7
This is an important session- please don’t miss it! See you there.


Careers Service

Careers Service

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