Feedback from the recent Asia & Middle East Careers Event

The weekend before last I went down to London to the ‘Asia and Middle East Graduate Careers Event’ run by Target jobs and GTI.
If you weren’t able to attend here are some examples of the bits of info. that I learned when I talked to some of the exhibitors: 

Atkins, the Engineering & Design Consultants, have offices in various parts of Asia and the Middle East but were  particularly looking for Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical), Architecture, and Quantity Surveying students/graduates to work in the Middle East particularly UAE, (Dubai, Abu Dhabi).
Abercrombie and Fitch, the clothing retailer, have stores in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. They also have opportunities on their Leadership/Development programme in the USA and were able to sponsor visas for these.
ICAP, markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services, have opportunities in Hong Kong, Singapore and London and are Tier 2 sponsors for their UK vacancies.
Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm, were particularly looking to recruit for their Hong Kong office, but also have offices in other parts of Asia, New York and London (& are Tier 2 sponsors). They are especially interested in students who have done quantitative subjects such as Maths, Engineering, I.T., Physics etc.
Mitsubishi UJJ Securities (MUS, the investment bank, have divisions in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York.
Standard Chartered Bank is recruiting for their International Graduate Programme and is particularly interested in students wanting to return to work in Asia.
Swiss Re, the re-insurance company, has graduate vacancies in China & Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Japan, and Australia
PwC, one of the global big 4 professional services and auditing firms has offices in 160 countries, but were particularly promoting their vacancies in 12 countries in the Middle East (UAE including Dubai,  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Libya. One of the speakers talked about how is from Lebanon and started working for PwC there , then moved to Saudi Arabia, is currently based in the UK (London), and will soon be moving to Singapore. So he was an excellent illustration of what it means to have a global career.

There were other companies, professional bodies, international recruitment agencies/consultants, and other organisations there, but there isn't room for all the info. here. Details of these, and more about the companies/opportunities mentioned above, are on the website which is still live –
Careers Service

Careers Service

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